WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING ABOUT GRANT STEWART: "Grant is one of the most innovative young musicians still carrying on the tradition of jazz, which encompasses bebop, swing and a little avant-garde." Lou Donaldson "Grant is one of the brightest, gifted young players I've heard and had on my bandstand. He can only do good-he's got a long, brilliant career ahead of him." George Coleman "Be prepared to hear from this young man. I think he's going to be one of the big boys--he IS already one of the big boys-- and you'll hear a lot of beautiful playing from him. Grant is what we call in the trade a 'sleeper.' A fantastic player, but not too many people know about him--yet! Once they do hear him they say, "WHOA!"---and that's what I said when I did a recording with him. (And what I have to say to Grant is, "Keep on, keep on playing!") Clark Terry "One of my favorite tenor players in the world!" Jimmy Cobb "Coming out of the generation of Peter Bernstein and Brad Mehldau, he has become a veritable tenor colossus, and an unswerving force on the New York scene. An honest musician with a big sound and a fiery imagination, he could be the reincarnation of the Sonny Rollins of the fifties" Jazzman Magazine "a pure jazzman - the real thing" "an imposing presence, a warmth of sound, an authority of expression , a force in the lines, and an inspiration that carries his phrases to their full extent." "He has such an individual sound that he never gives the impression of reciting the lessons of his models" Jazzman Magazine "Powerful in a form that combines tension and relaxation like that of Sonny Rollins and Dexter Gordon, Grant is one of the most powerful stylists and one of the most under estimated on the scene. His sincerity, demonstrated in his straight- forward, honed music, affirms completely his power of expression. He is a burning representative of that New York style which is notably found to express itself at Smalls, Mitch Borden's club. Working with a close-knit circle of musicians he frequents the aristocracy of jazz at the limits of the underground. Jazz Hot Magazine "A young saxophonist with a big , burly sound and plenty of drive" "he demonstrates his command of both the instrument and the hard bop idiom" All About Jazz "his huge sound , creativity and beautiful melodic sense combine to easily place him among the finest saxophonists on the scene today" The Villager "Stewart's tenor is tight, rich and played full tone, instantly enveloping you in the sheer strength of his sound" "staying away from established phrases and creating a researched personal sound , he produces a fresh resounding tenor" Swing Journal "Stewart is one of the most dynamic modern day interpreters of the bebop language--delivering his goods with a bold, deep sound, rich melodic imagination , and flawless technique." "a saxophonist who has an expansive, alluring sound, remarkable technique, a deep melodic imagination and sure footed swing." Newark Star Ledger "fully steeped in the tradition yet keenly aware of what's happening around him , Stewart has forged his own style that owes its origins to many but not exactly anyone totally. His rhythmic displacement and harmonic sense on the faster numbers recalls at times Sonny Rollins ,but when he mellows down for a breathy ballad one can't help but remember the much-missed Dexter Gordon." "Stewart may start receiving some overdue recognition with this satisfying release (Grant Stewart plus 4). I can't think of another tenor player any more deserving." Cadence Magazine